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Everything started with a discovery. About twenty years ago Gerald Weinpolter, a Viennese specialist for paintings of the 19th and 20th century, came across a remarkable picture (Index number G039) in a private appartement in Prague. Being a connoisseur he recognized at once that he had found a work of extraordinary artistic expression and quality. By additional research work he was astonished to find out that the artist was almost unknown. Weinpolter being convinced of the significance of this painter continued his investigations and expanded them to the French area in which the painter seemed to have a higher degree of popularity. Contacts to French collectors and auction houses were getting gradually intensified and eventually resulted in the effect that part of the the artist´s personal estate could be transferred to Vienna. Already after superficial sighting it showed that Weinpolter was right and the Czech descended painter had been a celebrated star in France in the 1920ies and 1930ties and had been mentioned in the same breath with Pablo Picasso and Amedeo Modigliani.

Gerald Weinpolter being increasingly obliged to the thought of a rediscovery and the due appreciation of the artist started preliminary works in respect of the creation of a Catalogue raisonné of the artist Eberl. The extensive materials demanded however substantial support and that´s why Mag. Miriam Forster commenced her professional operation on the project. In uncountable working hours sighting and categorizing of private notes, auction catalogues, newspaper clips and photographs were undertaken as well as the attempt of a reconstruction of the artist´s biography and work history. To grant that not only archives in Prague, Munich and Paris were consulted but also intensive research succeeded in the discovery and finally to a personal gathering of the authors with the artist´s last remaining relative and eye witness his foster son Marc-Frédéric Geuthner. Geuthner´s records enabled the authors to close gaps and enrich the already achieved results with invaluable personal impressions and anecdotes. 

At last a final decision was adopted to publish the finalized and permanently updated Catalogue raisonné online and thus to open it up to a larger audience. By this the opportunity can be seized to set out - like the authors - on a discovery trip and such to get a firsthand experience of the fascination for the painter François Eberl. Simultaneousely, the works aiming at a printed version of the Catalogue raisonné are continued which is supposed to taking more of the graphical work of the artist into account.